While studying sport science in Erlangen, I joined a group of stuntguys in Nuremberg in 2006, trained, learned and worked with them. In 2012 I completed my diploma in sport science and shifted into a full-time stuntcareer as performer and rigger. Meanwhile I have worked for such renowened companies like Face Off Gmbh stunts & rigging , Skywalker Systems GmbH, haeger stunt & wireworks ltd., G-action, Double-Action, Buff Connection GmbH, VIPSTUNTS, Stunt360 – Stunt Services Int. and Michael Mohr Stuntteam.

Always striving to learn and evolve I set new goals to achieve. Scroll down to view my demo/galerie, check out the sections Rigging, Cars or get in Contact.


  • Bodystunts   –   Fireburns   –   Highfalls
  • Precision Driving   –   Carstunts   –   Motorbike (Driving)
  • Stuntrigging   –   Wirework
  • Climbing   –   Fights