Precision Driving


In 2013 I bought my first „trainingcar“. That doesn´t mean I didn´t train with cars before, but from then, I took precision and stunt driving more serious and have meanwhile taken it to a new personal level. Currently I am practising on a BMW E36 328i with  an ideal drift setup and fly off, perfect to train every maneouver.

Wether it´s a front or backwheel driven car, I can drive slide or crash it for you.

Check the clips below.


  • 90´s left and right
  • 180´s vw bw left and right
  • 270´s, 360´s
  • sliding and skid turns
  • sliding/ breaking „hot to mark“
  • chases
  • chrashes
  • prep
  • ramps


My Trainings include: Rick Seaman Precisiondriving // Ronnie Paul Precision Driving // Driftdays BVS // Mazzotti Action // Driftschule // Landmann-Training // VIPStunts!